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D.G Lockhart Provides Excellent Funeral Directors in Castle Douglas

We conduct funerals in the Castle Douglas area and are known for our sympathetic staff who can provide you with a dignified service. All of our experienced staff have the professional training to ensure the highest quality in all that they do. Our dedicated staff can provide you with a personal and professional service. We offer competitive prices for our services. Call 01556 610108 to ensure that you get a the most respectful funeral service for your loved one.

A Summary of Funeral Directors in Castle Douglas

Funeral directors in Castle Douglas can help you arrange a funeral service of a friend or relative. Although funeral rites vary greatly among cultures, there are some common links. Funeral directors are trained in embalming. Most funeral directors offer funeral packages, which can include a coffin, casket, urn, transportation arrangements, floral arrangements, refreshments, monuments or markers. Funeral directors can customise their services according to your wishes.

The Operations of a Funeral Director in Castle Douglas

The funeral director, first of all, needs to talk with you in order to understand you and your family's wishes regarding the funeral. The funeral director must keep all the details in mind, such as the location, final disposition ceremony, date, memorial service, burial and/or cremation. There are further arrangements, such as organising pallbearers and clergy. Funeral directors take care of other obligations, like handling legal paperwork and procedures on behalf of the deceased. Funeral Directors also take care of preparing the viewing rooms and chapel for family and guests.

Licensing and Training Funeral Directors in Castle Douglas

The American Board of Funeral Service Education has accredited 50 programs over two to four years in mortuary science for funeral directors. Mortuary science programs include courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology, embalming techniques, restorative art, social sciences, psychology, grief counselling, oral and written communication, funeral service law, business law, and ethics. Since most funeral homes are small, family owned businesses, additional educational courses like business management, accounting, payroll and tax management are also useful. In the US, funeral directors have to secure a license from the state they operate in, and most states require post secondary education. The United Kingdom has four professional organizations for funeral directors, and the United States Of America has two professional organizations.

How To Select The Most Experienced Funeral Director In Castle Douglas

Make sure that your funeral director is experienced, qualified and holds the right degrees. Make your family's wishes regarding the funeral to the funeral director, making sure he understands them and provides an assurance that he will meet them. Shop around and get quotes for the funeral services you request, and see that you are getting an itemized breakdown for all the service options being presented. Ensure that the funeral director allows flexibility, and that you will not be forced to accept ready made packages. See to it that the funeral director is someone who is able to offer you and your family sensitivity and empathy in your time of grief.

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